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FlexApp layering is a proven application delivery solution for any Windows desktop that has exclusive benefits for published applications and virtual desktop environments. FlexApp dramatically reduces time and effort to complete base image management by as much as 90 percent.
FlexApp enables virtually any application to be quickly packaged and auto-provisioned to a virtual hard disk container (VHD or VMDK). FlexApp applications can then be easily assigned to any Microsoft AD user, group, or organizational unit, or managed through hundreds of context-aware options.


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This whitepaper provides an overview of FlexApp concepts and ways in which FlexApp can serve as a cornerstone in an application delivery strategy.

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  • Title
    Target Audience
  • Rapidly deploy/update apps
    Do so without base image modifications or reboots
    Enterprise companies
  • Reduce Base Image Management
    Utilize FlexApp to deliver applications on-demand rather than storing all apps in your base image
    Enterprise companies
  • OS Migration
    Applications delivered on demand independent of the Windows OS
    Enterprise companies

WARNING Feature Improvement overlap

This Add-on has overlapping capabilities with previously applier Add-on(s) for the following feature(s): VM templates, Hypervisor Upgrades, Live VM snapshot, Backup integration API

if you continue all previously applied Ecosystem Add-Ons will be reset!

You can use the wizard to remove the conflicts or integrate this Add-On for individual features

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Summary of remaining add-ons applied

Tape backup
Cloud connector
Total Improvement
  • General
Support Status
Product is supported (Not End Of Life )
Under active development
Public enterprise references in Europe
Public enterprise references in US
Official training classes available
Official Certification program
Large community resource
Solution licensing
Concurrent licensing
Device licensing
Per named user licensing
Free for personal use
Services Provider License Agreement
  • Layer Characteristics
Pre-launch scripting
Deploy One Layer to Many Operating Systems
Layer can override GPO
Public layering recipes (10+ available)
Optional compression of layers
User Writeable Layer
Reboot during packaging supported
No limit on package file size
Unattended application packaging
Import of MSI packages for conversion
Quick edit of layers
User can layer their own apps
MSIX Support
No need for clean OS during packaging
Layer format is open source
Built-in package encryption
Clone layers
Clone Layers while still in use
Show custom message at app launch
Printer Management
User Experience
Windows Explorer context menu integration
User driven application repair
Registry Pre-staging / optimization
Publish shortcut and mount app on demand
Simple app rollback
App upgrade while in use
App upgrade using deltas
Support for protocol handlers
Supports use of roaming user profiles
Compatible with DRM solution
Package apps with kernel mode drivers
User mode services
Boot time services
Virtualization of services that require privilege
COM components
COM+ components
DCOM components
Named pipes isolation
Support for WinSxS
User based install e.g apps which install in user profile
Compatible with Windows UAC
Support for Windows long filenames
Win16 application on x32 platform
Win16 application on x64 platform*
Win32 application on x64 platform
Win64 application on x64 platform
Support for virtual printer drivers
Application isolation
Run multiple versions of apps in unsupport scenarios
Mitigation for legacy applications
Layer Internet Explorer
Run app in Windows compatibility mode
Windows 10 Store Apps
Office 365
Supported in combination with AppLocker
  • Architecture
Create a High Available platform
SMB Cache for layers
Encrypted management service communication
Supports Layering Operating System
Application Layering standalone from other features
Real time app deployment
On Demand Deployment
Deliver at boot or login
Pre-caching (launch optimization)
Solution is client- or agentless
Supports RDSH
Supports VMware Horizon
Supports Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop
Supports ESXi
Supports Hyper-V
Supports XenServer
Supports Acropolis
Supports VHD
Supports VMDK
Supports native VHD to VHDX Conversion
Supports virtual machines
Supports physical machines
Supported in Novell eDirectory environment
No need for license service
No need for file share
No need for dedicated server
Enterprise scalable deployment platform included
Data store supports: No DB Setup Required
Client platform
Support for EN localized operating systems
Support for EN/DE/FR/ES localized operating systems
Support for JP/Simple Chinese localized operating systems
Windows Server 2008R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8 RT
Windows 8.0 x86
Windows 8.0 x64
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 10 x86
Windows 10 x64
macOS, run virtual app native on MacOS
Linux, run virtual app native on Linux
Vendor offers cloud hosted service
Native integration with cloud hosted storage product(s)
Google Cloud Platform
Layers on Object Based Cloud Storage
Failover to cloud
  • Management
Central management platform
File type associations centrally managed
File type association managed by user
Hide layers from other users on shared machines
Integrate with Programs and features
User created shortcut cleanup
Management platform is included
Access Control
Role based administration
Limit application usage by AD security groups
Limit application usage by AD computer objects
Limit application usage by AD OU
Machine targeting, centrally managed
App license metering
App usage tracking
Event logging on client
Pre-packaging diagnostics
Post-packaging diagnostics
Scripting and Automation
Manage with command line
Manage with API/WMI
Manage client with PowerShell
Manage server with PowerShell
Repository of available layers
SDK available

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Scored 134 out of possible (176)

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FlexApp/ Liquidware

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