Product : Cisco, CloudCenter/v4.9, Current Production
Feature : Microsoft Azure, Public Cloud Support, Multi-Cloud
Content Owner:  Ephraim Baron
Supported (including RM)
Regions: US East (Virginia),US East 2 (Virginia),US Central (Iowa),US North Central (Illinois),US West (California),US South Central (Texas),US West 2,US West Central,Canada East,Canada Central,UK South (London),Europe North (Ireland),Europe West (Netherlands),UK West (Cardiff),Southeast Asia (Singapore),East Asia (Hong Kong),Korea South (Busan),Korea Central (Seoul),Japan East (Saitama),Japan West (Osaka),Australia East (New South Wales),Australia Southeast (Victoria),Brazil South (Sao Paulo State),Azure-us-east (Virginia),Azure-europe-north (Ireland),Azure-japan-west (Osaka),Azure-china-north (Beijing),Azure-china-east (Shanghai),Azure-japan-east (Saitama),Azure-europe-west (Netherlands),Azure-us-west (California),Azure-us-gov (Iowa)

All instances of Azure Classic have been removed from the documentation and the UI from release 4.8.2