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Enhanced Analysis Product Profile Enhanced Analysis Not Enabled Product Profile Enhanced Analysis
  • + Extensive out-of-the-box reporting and automation
  • + Among the best at Chargeback
  • + Resource planning and rightsizing analysis
  • + Among the best at Security
  • + Deep VMware integration
  • + Among the best at User Self-Service
  • + Leader in IT Automation
  • + Strong Multi-Cloud support
  • + Among the best at User Self-Service
  • - Below average Multi-Cloud capabilities
  • - Below average User Self-Service
  • - Below average DevOps features
  • - Complex product structure & implementation
  • - Average Governance support
  • - Average IT Automation features
  • - Below average Chargeback support
  • - Average Governance support
  • - Average Security support
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Company founded in 2006. Shipping product for multiple years. Many large customers.
VMware was founded in 1998. The products in vRealize Suite arise from different acquisitions. vRealize Automation comes from Dynamic Ops (acq 2012), vRealize Operations comes from Integrien (acq 2011) and vRealize Orchestrator comes from Dunes (2007)
Product is in production for > 2 years with multiple large deployments
Content Creator
WhatMatrix - Viktor
WhatMatrix - Rick Kilcoyne
Cloud Management Platform that enables Infrastructure-as-a-Service automation by integrating seamlessly with private, public and hybrid clouds
vRealize Suite Advanced is a CMP for private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Versions in this comparison are vRealize Automation & Orchestrator 7.2, Operations 6.4 and vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2
Hybrid cloud management platform designed for user self-service
Click on details (i) for more info
Click on details (i) for more info
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Single Virtual Machine or Multiple for HA
The product runs locally
Single virtual machine
Agentless or agentless operation
vCommander is agentless
An agent is required for some scenarios.
CloudBolt is agentless
Database support
Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
MS SQL Server 2012 or newer, embedded PostgreSQL database(s) and embedded Gemfire database(s).
Built-in MySQL; can be integrated with most RDBMS platforms
Administrator accounts
User accounts
Unlimited Active Directory and LDAP
Pricing model
Yearly subscription.
Per CPU or per Operating System Instance (OSI)
Licensed by number of VMs managed
Product Details
Vendor specific/agnostic
Vendor agnostic
vRealize Suite is a vendor-agnostic Cloud Management Platform supporting both on-premises as cloud infrastructures
Vendor agnostic
24/7 support
Support included in base cost, Premium Support available
Both 5x12 and 24x7 support are available
Support Included in base cost
Professional services
Professional Services engagements are available.
Professional services are available through VMware PSO or VMware Solution Provider Partners
Professional services are available
Virtualization/Private Cloud Support
VMware vSphere
Microsoft Hyper-V
Supported through scripting (scripts run with WinRM)
Not currently supported (preview available)
Compatible with Citrix XenServer 6.2, RHEV Manager 3.1 and RHEV KVM 3.1
XenServer, KVM, RHEV, Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix
Public Cloud Support
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Cost comparisons only
IBM Bluemix Cloud
Cost comparisons only
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud
Cost modeling for Google Compute Engine, IBM SoftLayer and Rackspace
vCloud Air, Rackspace
HP Helion, Verizon Terremark, Centurylink cloud
Scripted Support
Supports Docker
3rd Party container management
Not currently supported (preview available)
Possible but not directly integrated
Supports Kubernetes for container management
Scripted Support
Supports CoreOS
Legacy/Brownfield Environments
Automatic discovery of legacy VMs
Supported for vSphere and vCloud Air
Discovers existing virtual deployments
Management of legacy cloud VMs
Supported for vCloud Air
Discovers and manages existing cloud deployments
Management of legacy private VMs
Supported for vSphere
Can manage discovered systems
Import of OVA/OVF VM formats
Not supported (native tools can be used)
Through vSphere
Using tools native to each platform
Cloud-to-cloud migration
CloudBolt can orchestrate via scripts necessary to convert images amongst formats and transfer. Also supports integration with 3rd Party Tools such as CloudEndure.
IT Automation
Multi-tenant support
Supports both multiple users within an org or multiple orgs
Published API
API published : click on details (i) for link
Click on details (i) for more info
Configuration Management
Supported, free plugin available via Chef
Extensive Chef inegration
Supported, free plugin available via Puppet. Paid plugin also available.
Supports both Puppet OpenSource and Enterprise
Only supported via paid plugin
Ansible open source is supported
Supported, free plugin available via Saltstack
Only supported via scripting
Ability to patch managed systems
Supported using scripting
Supported using scripting
SDN Support
Network Fencing isolation (Vmware only)
VMware NSX is fully supported
Supports Vmware NSX
Public cloud networking
Supports operational views. Deployment limited to use of templates (eg cloudformations)
Public cloud networks are visible in vRealize Automation. Network creation/deletion is possible through vRealize Orchestrator.
Supports cloud networks including AWS VPC and ELB
User-Defined Actions
Conditional Actions
Yes, through vRealize Orchestrator
Supports Rules based on Boolean tests
Pre- and Post-Install Actions
Yes, through the event broker and vRealize Orchestrator
Supports both pre- and post-install actions
Scheduled Actions
Yes, through vRealize Orchestrator
Actions can be scheduled
Orchestration & Workflow
Native Workflow
3rd Party Orchestration
Supported via scripting framework
Supported, through a vRealize Orchestrator plugins
Supported via scripting framework
Third-Party Automation
Integrates with ServiceNow
3rd Party Automation