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How to submit a new product and how much does it cost?

Contact us HERE to submit a new product or email us (info@WhatMatrix.com) and we’ll be in touch!

Standard WhatMatrix listings are free! There is neither a reoccurring fee nor a subscription dependency for being listed!

The initial submission can be free or generates a one-off service fee – details below:

Community-submitted publications are free (preferred method), “WhatMatrix On-boarding” incurs a “one-off” service fee – details below.


1. Community-submitted: comparison data must be generated and submitted by an (independent) community specialist

Data generated by:Vendor-independent specialist (not provided by WhatMatrix)

Data curated by:       WhatMatrix Category Consultant / board
Cost:                         Free
Turnaround time:      Subject to queue and availability of category consultant [inquire availability]

This is the preferred community model – a Vendor-independent individual with appropriate 1 product knowledge generates the comparison data. In return WhatMatrix promotes them as WhatMatrix Community Consultant with all associated benefits.
1 subject to evaluation through WhatMatrix community board
2. WhatMatrix On-boarding Comparison data is generated by WhatMatrix and curated by an independent WhatMatrix consultant.

Please note that the onboarding option is included with any Enhanced Listing

Data generated by:   WhatMatrix Consultant(vendor must support with named contact)

Data curated by:        WhatMatrix (Lead) Category Consultant / board
Cost:                           Accelerated On-Boarding Fee [inquire availability and cost]
Turnaround time:        ASAP (typically within 2-4 weeks)
A vendor can directly submit a product to WhatMatrix. A service fee applies for generating the data through WhatMatrix. The Vendor has to provide a named contact to provide initial raw data or data not publicly available.

Note to vendors:
 Data curation will always be independent of the submission type and will never influence the ratings to ensure impartiality.
Are you loockig for opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of your (free) listings?
Then see: Enhanced Listings (increased visibility and impact without influencing the evaluation)

How can vendors provide updates for new releases? How often are the comparisons updated?

There are no scheduled “update cycles” – that’s the inherent advantage (and challenge) of our “always online” comparisons. Historically evaluations are done in “reports” that are outdated by the time they are published. Our approach reflects modern application development with continuous release cycles.
This is not new to us – we have been dealing with vendors successfully on “rolling” updates since 2011.
Please note that each vendors have 2 free update slots per calendar year (reflecting typical minor/major product releases) but they can request additional updates for a service fee if really required.

Matrix updates are triggered by new product releases. We make input templates available to the nominated product specialist or work directly with the vendor to generate the raw data, which is then curated by the category consultant (comparison owner), the category specialists and peers in our community.

(if the product is unknown / new to the category consultant, the vendor can help by identifying a suitable category specialist i.e. ‘product specialist’ to work with the category consultant on the integration)

Vendor guidance: Timeline for updates and “change requests”

Scenario: Vendor “A” has announced a new product release (or will announce it “shortly” – features must be “committed”)

1. Vendor “A” can now submit new content for evaluation to WhatMatrix – typically working directly with the WhatMatrix consultant(s)

2. WhatMatrix Consultant(s) will curate and incorporate updates and post a non-public draft for review, no later than 4 weeks after the submission (typically faster).

3. Consultant(s) will collect input /challenges from Vendor A, then perform a final evaluation that is subsequently posted publicly.

4. WhatMatrix will promote the content as appropriate

Vendors can submit new content when their new release becomes available (GA) or use the existing change request function via the details popup if they spot an empirical mistake (any time).

In addition the above “change / feedback” button (accessible directly from each individual “details popup”) allows anyone to submit change requests to us at any time (typically implemented no later than 4 weeks if accepted).

I need an urgent / additional update - can it be done?

Please note that each vendor has 2 free update slots per calendar year (including unlimited changes to the existing feature set). While we attempt to implement within 4 weeks there is no SLA against the updates.

If the vendor requires and urgent or additional update they have the following options (subject to availability):

  • Fast-Update
    • initial turn-around: 3 working days
    • published: typically within 7 days
  • Additional Update
    • unlimited updates to the existing feature set (template)

Contact us for availability and pricing

Do you include pre-GA or Beta product releases in your listings?

We are only listing products and features that have been formally announced and are committed in a product release as production feature.

We can list non-production features (e.g. tech-previews) as “for information only” in the details popup of a feature – but will NOT include an uncommited or pre-production feature in any evaluation (matrix score/evaluation color)

Who are yor consultants and can I potentially become one?

WhatMatrix evaluates products through independent community consultants (typically individuals or specialized consultancy outlets) that are not directly affiliated with (employed by) a vendor included in the comparison to ensure agnostic evaluation results.
WhatMatrix has two types of community consultant:

1. Category Consultant

The Category Consultant is responsible for the structure and content of an entire comparison, from the creation and maintenance of the category taxonomy to the balanced curation of all product evaluations within that category.

2. Product Consultants are responsible for the evaluation of specific products within a category. They typically work with the Category Consultant to ensure data is correct, up-to-date and curated for a specific product.

Want to become a community consultant yourself?
If you want to host a new comparison (Category Consultant) or want to become the Product Consultant for a new vendor in an existing category – please get in touch!

You can go to https://www.whatmatrix.com/portal/community/ and propose a new comparison / product – or – simply send us an email (info@WhatMatrix.com) outlining the proposed topic (including proposed vendors & products) or the product that you would like to consult for as part of an existing comparison (product consultants).
We will always engage with you to validate topic suitability, personal experience and share background and expectations for becoming a WhatMatrix category consultant.

If we jointly decide to go ahead you will be guided through the on-boarding process and welcomed into the community.

How do you ensure your category consultants are qualified and experienced experts ...? Who determines the evaluation criteria for a comparison?

Our community has a 3-phase onboarding and review mechanism for accepting consultants to publish on WhatMatrix.

During this process the experience and qualification of the potential consultant are peer-reviewed, alongside with the suitability of the proposed comparison based on structure, content and consistency. In addition an assigned community board “mentor” will directly assist with the on-boarding and iniial publication.

The evaluation structure (features & categories) can typically be refined over time with the input from the community and vendors.
Note: We are spending a significant amount of time working directly with vendors to understand their requirements and preferences but will NOT consider structural changes that favour a particular vendor or product! Typically our consultants publish personal information, such as experience and qualification, however we do not (and will not) obligate them to do so. Ultimately WhatMatrix stands behind the curation mechanism.

What if I disagree with an evaluation or spot a mistake?

We always invite feedback from the wider IT community and vendor ecosystem on the published data! Open community curation, opportunity for structured vendor input and transparancy on our evaluations is a key value of WhatMatrix.

If we are notified of published technical information which is empirically inaccurate, we will strive to correct this within a reasonable timeframe (typically 3 business days).

Please see this Blog article for details including “how to submit a change requests”.

So if you disagree – please get in touch!

If evaluations are disputed we will always try to engage with the claimant in attempt to resolve, however we reserve the right to  maintain our independent evaluation in order to provide agnostic comparisons.

What is the 'Matrix Score' and how important is it to the site visitor / consumer of the information?

WhatMatrix’s goal is to provide unbiased and meaningful product information in an industry segment that is dominated by proprietary marketing assets (e.g. tables with all “green” vs “all red” that avoid limitations and technical depth). The information provided should allow the consumer to apply it to THEIR environment in order to make an informed product or purchase decision.
As part of the comparison matrix we introduced a high-level (color coded) evaluation that allows the reader to quickly (visually) identify strengths and weaknesses for a certain feature.

The matrix score reflects the accumulated individual scores but should not be used “blindly” or seen as “absolute” ranking – especially when scores are close between vendors or the consumer has specific deployment scenarios.


1. Features might or might not apply to a certain customer (if e.g. “backup” is unsupported but the customer has an existing solution they want to keep – then this score can be irrelevant)
2. Some evaluations will be marginal (reality in any evaluation framework)
3. We are dealing with complex and interdependent areas that are not completely addressed with side-by-side comparisons (without customization options) – despite the level of detail provided.
What are you going to do about that?
Again, our primary goal is to provide insight that allows you to apply it to your (or your customers) environment – not to tell you blindly “who is best” without understanding your use case.
However – in order to provide you with an even more capable evaluation framework we will introduce the capability for the site user to customize evaluations by applying use cases and prioritizing features within the matrix to reflect THEIR specific requirements.

I want to propose a new comparison category - what should I do?

First of all – please get in touch! šŸ˜‰

You can go to https://www.whatmatrix.com/portal/community/ and propose your comparison – or –

Simply send us an email (info@WhatMatrix.com) outlining the proposed topic (including potential vendors & products).

We will always get back and engage with you to validate topic suitability, personal experience and share background and expectations for becoming a WhatMatrix category consultant.

If we jointly decide to go ahead you will be guided through the onboarding process and welcomed into the community.

What are "Enhanced Listings"?

As stated before – all listings on WhatMatrix are (and will remain) free to ensure our unique impartiality evaluating these products.

Vendors can however significantly improve visibility and impact of their listing by upgrading to one of these options.

Please note that “enhanced listings” will never influence any product rating!

What are the benefits of an "Enhanced Listing"

Enhanced listings can significantly improve the visibility and impact of a product listing.
The free listing gives vendors a unique way to promote their products online, educate their audience and attract new customers.

However – by default all vendors, products and editions are listed randomly (!) i.e. visitors might (or might not) see the product or select it for an evaluation (e.g. despite leadership).

Enhanced listings guarantee that EVERY visitor to the comparison will see the enhanced product and edition (populated by default).

The enhanced product is highlighted prominently and we enable an interactive Product Profile Card that provides users with useful links to assets, promoted use cases, benefit analysis and even free product advise and lead gegeneration options.
In addition we can help publicise the listing through social media activities (see all options)


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