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IT Analysis from the Community

Better technology decisions with independent comparisons and reviews  

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Real comparisons with 100+ evaluation points

Provided by independent community practitioners

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What people say about us

What people say about us

"... finally advise based on transparent technical analysis, not dubious user reviews ..."

" ... in-depth analysis from practitioners, free reports for visitors, free listings for vendors - what's not to like ...?"

"A unique product review site that brings together community analysts, vendors and users ..."

"Community give-back at its best!" 

"Publishing the 'Disaster Recovery as a Service' comparison on WhatMatrix has helped me establish invaluable new contacts in the industry!"

Viktor van den Berg
WhatMatrix Category Consultant [Disaster Recovery]

"Working with the WhatMatrix community is a great experience. Their unbiased advice and global perspectives expand my knowledge and help me make better technology decisions."

Ephraim Baron - Category Consultant
[Cloud Management]

"WhatMatrix helps companies make informed product decisions and their rigorous, unbiased analysis of vendor offerings is an incentive to keep innovating."

Sushant Rao, Senior Director, Product Marketing
Datacore Corp

"Our customers value WhatMatrix's independent community analysis, and their in-depth technical evaluation generates unique product awareness for us."

Dan Murphy, CMO
Embotics Corporation

Who we are

All community members contribute in their spare time to give back to the community

Who we are


Open Community with Industry-unique Trust Model

Named independent owners + open community curation (OCC)

Sharing independent analysis (for free) with the community



Technical Credibility

Detailed product analysis over 100+ checkpoints (by use case)

Product advise based on in-depth technical analysis 



Independence - No “Pay to Play”

Free listings for vendors, free data access for users, free annual reports

Open comparison platform bringing together vendors, community analysts and users


What we can do for you

What we can do for you

Technical Decision Makers

Get independent community advise (free)

Justify product decisions with a report

Request pricing or product details


Community Consultants

Share your expertise

Connect with vendors & customers

Expand your community reach


IT Vendors

Free Visibility for your product

Technical Credibility (full analysis)

Generate leads & contacts 


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