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The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns

This post was written by Marko Misura, JavaScript Developer for Toptal.   As a good JavaScript developer, you strive to write clean, healthy, and maintainable code. You solve interesting challenges that, while unique, don’t necessarily require unique solutions. You’ve...

The All-New WhatMatrix Comparison Platform is here!

Our community is excited to announce the release of your next-generation IT comparison platform. We’ve listened to your feedback and launch today a fully customizable, expanded and easy-to-consume comparison framework to help you make informed product decisions even...

Pivot3 Acuity rises to meet modern business demands

Pivot3's journey into HCI began before the word "hyper-converged" even became a term. Evolving from a software-defined software solution that was devised by the company almost 15 years ago, Pivot3 first released a simple-to-deploy storage appliance specifically suited...

“Smackdown” of workspace products with WhatMatrix.com

WhatMatrix the leading platform for Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Hyper Converged and Datacenter Management product comparisons now contains three new End User Computing categories. Independent product insights in Application Virtualization, GPUs and Universal...

Cloud Wars IBM vs Microsoft vs Amazon vs Google – Part 1 Overview

2017 was another busy year with less activity than I’d hoped for on my personal blog. Again work took me back and forth between multiple products, platforms and customer cases, from a DevOps project on Azure, to an IoT project on GCP, to a DR solution on IBM and an...

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