Product : CloudBolt Software, CloudBolt/8.5, Current Production
Feature : Best Execution Venue - Cost, Placement, IT Automation
Content Owner:  Ephraim Baron
(via generic orchestration actions)
Administrators should be able to specify that their CMP choose an environment based on any programmatically discoverable data point. For example, choosing an environment based on which datastore in VMware has the most free disk space, which network has the most free IP addresses, which one is currently under the most CPU load, the group of the user, whether the user checks certain combinations of boxes on the order form, etc. CloudBolt can choose an env based on any logic the customer specifies, and this includes any combination of performance, security, and cost criteria.
> "amber" due to generic orchestration support only i.e. free scripting (no placement-criteria templates, logic or placement categories to provide guidance)