Product : Hypergrid, Hypergrid/6.1.0 SP1, Current Production
Feature : End-User Self-Service, Service Portal, User Self-Service
Content Owner:  Ephraim Baron
HyperCloud AppStore
HyperCloud AppStore provides a simplified service catalog for VM/ App blueprints. Each Blueprint has a cost profile associated which provides a cost to the end user prior to provisioning the VM/App.
AppStore is a collection of single click blueprints. Blueprints types are 1) App 2) VM
HyperCloud Support docker and kubernetes for App Blueprints while VM blueprints are supported across all public and private cloud providers. Blueprints can be publisehd by Tenant Admin or Cloud Admins. Certains users can create their own blueprints too. The KiosK role only allows users to deploy Blueprints only and not custmize any aspect