Product : VMware, Site Recovery Manager/8.2, Enterprise
Feature : vSphere Storage Types, On-premises, Source/Target Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Array-based: VMFS, NFS, vSAN, RDM
VR: VMFS, NFS, vSAN, VVOL, RDM (partial)
VMware SRM with Array-based replication supports RDM devices in physical compatibility mode (pRDM) and in virtual compatibility mode (vRDM).

VMware SRM with vSphere Replication (VR) supports RDM devices in virtual compatibility mode (vRDM) only, for both the source and target device.

VVOL support is only provided when using VMware SRM with vSphere Replication (VR).

VMware SRM does not support NFS v4.1 datastores.

VMware SRM does not support Array-based replication for VMs of which disks are spanned across multiple storage arrays. SRM can only protect the disks in one storage system; disks located in another storage system will remain unprotected.

Resizing a virtual disk while it is being replicated with VR is not supported. Replication needs to be temporarily stopped to allow resizing both protected and recovery disks. Resizing also requires deletion and reseeding the protected VM. All steps have to be performed manually.

RDM = Raw Device Mapping
VVOL = VMware Virtual Volumes