Product : Zerto, IT Resilience Platform/7.5, Enterprise
Feature : Amazon Web Services (AWS), Public Cloud, Source/Target Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Yes (partial)
VMs from either VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Microsoft Azure can be protected to an AWS recovery site. AWS can be configured as both a protected site and a recovery site. However, protection of AWS VMs to another AWS site is currently not supported.

Failover to AWS includes the option to configure Reverse Protection during or after Failover, allowing for automated reverse replication and failback from AWS.

Zerto IT Resilience Platform (IRP) is supported for and has been tested in the following AWS Regions:
- US East (North Virginia, Ohio)
- US West (Oregon, North California)
- AWS Gov Cloud (US West)
- Canada (Central)
- South America - East (Sao Paulo)
- EU Central (Frankfurt)
- EU West (Ireland)
- Europe (London)
- Asia Pacific - North East (Seoul, Tokyo)
- Asia Pacifc - South East (Singapore, Sydney)
- Asia Pacific - South (Mumbai)
- China (Bejing)