Product : Zerto, IT Resilience Platform/7.5, Enterprise
Feature : Azure Storage Types, Public Cloud, Source/Target Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Supported: Standard and Premium Managed Disk
Unsupported: Blob Storage
Zerto IRP currently only supports General-purpose v1 (GPv1). This is the legacy storage account type for blobs, files, queues, and tables.

Protected virtual disks are recovered in Azure as Virtual Hard Disks (VHD), also known as Azure Managed Disks, which are stored as page blobs.

VPGs can be recovered to either Standard Managed disks and/or Premium Managed disks. However, after live failover VMs that are recovered to Premium Managed disks cannot be protected. A conversion tool must be used to convert them into Standard Storage account VMs for them to be protected.

In addtition the following restrictions apply:
- VMs that have disks larger than 4TB cannot be protected.
- Resizing protected disks on Azure is not supported.