Product : Zerto, IT Resilience Platform/7.5, Standard
Feature : Overview, Content, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Name: Zerto IT Resilience Platform
Type: Software-only
Development Start: Unknown
First Product Release: 2011
Zerto was founded in 2010 and began to ship its first Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solution, Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), halfway 2011. The first 3 major versions only supported VMware vSphere. ZVR 4.0 introduced support for both Hyper-V and AWS. ZVR 5.0 added Microsoft Azure to the list of supported platforms. In 2018 Zerto rebranded its BC/DR offering to Zerto IT Resilience Platform (IRP).

In April 2019 the company had a customer install base of about 6,000 Zerto customers worldwide and there were more than 700 employees working for Zerto.