Product : Zerto, IT Resilience Platform/7.5, Standard
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per VM
Zerto IT Resilience Platform (IRP) in essence counts two editions: Standard and Enterprise. The latter is also called Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE).

Both editions are licensed per protected virtual machine (VM).

Zerto IRP Standard:
- For on-premises deployments.
- Site-to-site replication with the same hypervisor on both sides (VMware to VMware; Hyper-V to Hyper-V), including bi-directional replication.
- Replication of a VM to a single target, either local (same datacenter) or remote (other datacenter).

Zerto IRP Enterprise:
- For on-premises, hybrid cloud and public cloud deployments.
- Cross-hypervisor and cross-cloud replication.
- Multi-site replication up to 3 targets per VM (eg. local + remote datacenter + public cloud).
- Multi-tenancy (Multiple ZVM deployments from a single ZCM).

In addtion to Standard and Enterprise Zerto provides two alternative pricing options:
- Zerto DRaaS with a CSP or MSP (supports Standard capabilities + Multi-tenant CSP Offering)
- Zero to Public Cloud (supports Enterprise capabilities - Multi-tenant CSP Offering)

ZCM = Zerto Cloud Manager
ZVM = Zerto Virtual Manager
CSP = Cloud Service Provider
MSP = Managed Service Provider