Product : Cisco, HyperFlex [HCI]/4.0, x86
Feature : Maturity, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
GA Release Dates:
HX 4.0: apr 2019
HX 3.5.2a: jan 2019
HX 3.5.1a: nov 2018
HX 3.5: oct 2018
HX 3.0: apr 2018
HX 2.6.1b: dec 2017
HX 2.6.1a: oct 2017
HX 2.5: jul 2017
HX 2.1: may 2017
HX 2.0: mar 2017
HX 1.8: sep 2016
HX 1.7.3: aug 2016
1.7.1-14835: jun 2016
HX 1.7.1: apr 2016
4th Generation software on 4th and 5th generation Cisco UCS server hardware.

Cisco HyperFlex is fueled by Springpath software, which is now co-developed with Cisco and renamed to HX Data Platform. Cisco HyperFlex maturity has been gradually increasing ever since the first iteration by expanding its range of features with a set of foundational and advanced functionality.