Product : Cisco, HyperFlex [HCI]/4.0, x86
Feature : GUI Scope, Interfaces, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Single-site and Multi-site
Administration of one or multiple Cisco HyperFlex clusters can be performed by utilizing either the standalone HTML5 UI called HX Connect or the VMware vSphere Web Client plug-in.

HX Connect is a HTML5 UI for native management and monitoring with intuitive dashboard for cluster health, capacity and performance. HX Connect is localized for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Centralized management of multicluster HX environments can be performed through Cisco Intersight (SaaS).

Alternatively centralized management can be performed through the vSphere Web Client by using Enhanced Linked Mode.

Enhanced Linked Mode links multiple vCenter Server systems by using one or more Platform Services Controllers. Enhanced Linked Mode enables you to log in to all linked vCenter Server systems simultaneously with a single user name and password. You can view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems. Enhanced Linked Mode replicates roles, permissions, licenses, and other key data across systems. Enhanced Linked Mode requires the vCenter Server Standard licensing level, and is not supported with vCenter Server Foundation or vCenter Server Essentials.