Product : Cisco, HyperFlex [HCI]/4.0, x86
Feature : Predictive Analytics, Support, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
The Cisco HX Data Platform does not natively have predictive analytics capabilities, however each Cisco HyperFlex system automatically includes a Cisco Intersight "Base" edition at no additional cost.

Cisco Intersight contains a recommendation engine that uses the telemetry information (metadata) from Cisco HyperFlex nodes to proactively identify potential issues in customer environments in order to prevent future problems and improve system uptime.

Cisco Intersight "Base" edition provides access to a portal that delivers centralized monitoring and basic inventory of managed systems, organizational capabilities including tagging and search, and the capability to launch native endpoint management interfaces including Cisco UCS Manager.

Cisco Intersight "Essentials" edition enables end-users to centralize configuration management through a unified policy engine, determine compliance with the Cisco UCS Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), and initiate firmware updates. The Essentials edition provides a single interface for monitoring, management, and operations, with the capability to launch the virtual keyboard, video, and mouse (vKVM) console directly from Cisco Intersight.