Product : Cisco, HyperFlex [HCI]/4.0, x86
Feature : Container Platform Interconnect, Containers, Workload Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
HX FlexVolume Driver
The Cisco HX FlexVolume Driver provides persistent storage for containers running in a Cisco Container Platform (CCP) environment. The driver communicates with an API of the HX Virtual Storage Controller and provides storage request details through use of a YAML file. Storage is presented to containers by HyperFlex through in-guest iSCSI connections. This effectively means that the hypervisor layer is bypassed.

Cisco Container Platform (CCP) is not a hard requirement for running Docker containers and Kubernetes on top of HX, however it does make it easier to use and consume.

The Cisco HX FlexVolume Driver is supported with HX 3.0 and later.