Product : Datrium, DVX [HCI]/, x86
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per Node
There is no separate software licensing for On-premises DVX, except for Datrium ControlShift.

Each Datrium DVX Data Nodes come equiped with an all-inclusive feature set. This means that without exception all Datrium DVX software capabilities are available for use.

Each Compute Node (both Datrium and 3rd party) requires a host license. Compute Nodes in a DVX (made up of 1-128 Compute Nodes plus 1-10 Data Nodes) have access to all software features, including deduplication, compression, erasure coding, native snapshots, and replication.

Datrium also offers Cloud DVX, an SaaS-like integrated service that provides cloud backup capabilities for native DVX snapshots. Cloud DVX has subscription-based pricing.

Datrium ControlShift (SaaS) is optional and can be used for workload mobility and DR orchestration purposes. ControlShift had has subscription-based pricing (per VM per year).
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