Product : Datrium, DVX [HCI]/, x86
Feature : Backup Scope, Points-in-Time, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
To remote sites
To remote cloud object stores (Amazon S3)
Datrium Cloud DVX is available in AWS. It includes an Amazon EC2 instance that uses Amazon S3 storage for storing incoming data from on-premises DVX deployments. It can serve as an off-site repository for short-term and long-term backups, as well as hosting a DR copy. AWS Cloud DVX is deployed and managed fully automatically and does not require any in-depth AWS knowledge from the end-user side.

Datrium Cloud DVX comes in sizes:
- Small (26TiB=29TB of AWS backup storage)
- Large (100TiB=115TB of AWS backup storage)

A single DVX on-premises environment can pair with up to 10 Cloud DVX instances on one AWS region or across regions. With 10 Cloud DVX instances, up to 1.15PB of data can be stored in AWS S3.

Cloud DVX is available in the following AWS Regions:
us-east-1 = US East (N.Virginia)
us-east-2 = US East (Ohio)
us-west-1 = US West (N. California)
us-west-2 = US West (Oregon)
us-gov-west-1 = GovCloud (US-West)
ca-central-1 = Canada (Central)
eu-west-2 = Europe (London)
ap-southeast-2 = Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ap-northeast-1 = Asia Pacific (Tokyo)