Product : Datrium, DVX [HCI]/, x86
Feature : Data Encryption Efficiency Impact, Security, Data Services
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Hardware: No
Software: No
Hardware: Because data encryption is performed at the end of the write path, storage efficiency mechanisms are not impaired.

Software: Although Datrium Blanket Encryption is an end-to-end solution, it has been fully integrated into the Datrium DVX data services architecture. As a result none of the efficiency mechanisms (eg. deduplication and compression) are impaired.

Before encrypting the data, the Datrium DVX software computes fingerprints (cryptographic-strength identifiers) on the data. The fingerprints are later used to perform deduplication on the data. By computing the fingerprints on the pre-encrypted (or clear-text) data, Datrium DVX retains the ability to find and eliminate duplicate variably-sized groupings of blocks of data regardless of where the blocks of data are located.

The Datrium DVX software also performs compression on the clear-text data before the data is randomized by encryption and rendered incompressible. Thus, with Datrium Blanket Encryption the considerable benefits of de-duplication and compression are maintained.