Product : Datrium, DVX [HCI]/, x86
Feature : Scalability, Scaling, Server Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
1-128 Compute Nodes and 1-10 Data Nodes in 1-node increments
Compute Nodes: The hypervisor cluster scale-out limits still apply eg. 64 hosts for VMware vSphere in a single cluster.

Storage nodes: A single Datrium DVX Data Node can support up to 32 Compute Nodes and 1,500 powered-on virtual machines.

A Datrium DVX Data pool can support a maximum of 6,000 virtual machines on up to 128 Compute Nodes. This requires at least 4 Datrium DVX Data Nodes in the Data Pool. The current maximum size of a Data Pool is 10 Datrium DVX Data Nodes. This equates to 26TiB of usable storage capacity.

The maximum size of a virtual disk that you can create for a VM is 32TB.