Product : Datrium, DVX [HCI]/, x86
Feature : Hardware Vendor Choice, Server/Node, Server Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Compute Nodes: Dell EMC (native) + 3rd party (many)
Data Nodes: Seagate
Datrium DVX leverages Dell PowerEdge R640 (1U-1node) server hardware as building blocks for the Compute Nodes.

An organization is also allowed to bring in its own 3rd party Compute Nodes, as long as the Datirum minimum specifications are met and all server components are officially listed on the hypervisor manufacturers hardware compatibility list (HCL). In practice this means that the majority of servers on the VMware vSphere HCL are supported.

Datrium DVX leverages Seagate server hardware as building blocks for the proprietary Data Nodes (NetShelf appliances).