Product : Dell EMC, PowerFlex [SDS]/3.5, Enterprise
Feature : Data Encryption Options, Security, Data Services
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Hardware: Self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
Software: Dell EMC CloudLink
Hardware: In PowerFlex deployments the encryption data service capabilities can be offloaded to hardware-based SED offerings available in server- and storage solutions.

Software: Dell EMC CloudLink uses dm-crypt, a native Linux encryption package, to secure SDS devices. A proven high-performance volume encryption solution, dm-crypt is widely implemented for Linux machines.

The CloudLink Agent can be deployed on physical and
virtual Linux PowerFlex Storage Data Servers (SDSs) and supports fully converged, two-layer, and mixed configurations. In VMware vSphere deployments the CloudLink Agent software is installed in the PowerFlex Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) that runs on each ESXi host that contributes storage.

PowerFlex 3.5 supports CloudLink 6.9 and 7.0.

Dell EMC has not yet published interoperability test reports validating the use of one or more third-party software-based encryption solutions with its PowerFlex platform.