Product : Dell EMC, PowerFlex [SDS]/3.5, Enterprise
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per TB
Enterprise (add-on)

The PowerFlex Basic license includes: High Availability, Self-Healing, Scale-out architecture, Support for 1,000s of nodes, Elasticity, Hyper Convergence, Automated performance tuning, Any Drive support (SSD/PCIe/HDD), Automatic Cluster Growth, Asymmetric nodes support – heterogeneous support of different server brands / OSes. Advanced Management – includes vSphere plugin, REST API, OpenStack Support.

The PowerFlex Enterprise license includes: QoS, Data Obfuscation, Snapshots, Auto tiering (Flash caching) – use XtremCache with PowerFlex, RAM caching, Fault Sets, Thin provisioning, Fine Granularity (FG) storage pools.

EMC uses a tiered pricing structure per physical device capacity TB for both the Basic and Enterprise licenses. The more capacity that is purchased, the cheaper the price per TB.