Product : Dell EMC, VxFlex OS [SDS]/, Basic
Feature : Data Corruption Detection, Reads/Writes, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Disk scrubbing (software)
In-flight integrity checks
The Background Device Scanner constantly searches for, and fixes, device errors before they can affect the system, thus providing additional data reliability. The scanner runs in the background, not interrupting other Storage Pool activities (such as adding and removing volumes). When scanning is enabled for a Storage Pool, the scanner seeks out corrupted sectors in the devices in that pool. The scanner also provides SNMP reporting about errors found.

In-flight checksum protection is provided for data reads and writes. This
feature addresses errors that change the payload during the transit through the VxFlex OS system. VxFlex OS protects data in-flight by calculating and validating the checksum value for the payload at both ends. The checksum protection mode can be applied per Storage Pool.