Product : Dell EMC, VxRail [HCI]/7.0.100, x86
Feature : Predictive Analytics, Support, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Full (not part of VxRail license bundle)
vRealize Operations (vROps) provides native vSAN support with multiplay dashboards for proactive alerting, heat maps, device and cluster insights, and streamlined issue resolution. Also vROps provides forward trending and forecasting to vSAN datastore as well as any another datastore (SAN/NAS).

vSAN 6.7 introduced "vRealize Operations (vROps) within vCenter". This provides end users with 6 dashboards inside vCenter console, giving insights but not actions. Three of these dashboards relate to vSAN: Overview, Cluster View, Alerts. One of the widgets inside these dasboards displays "Time remaining before capacity runs out". Because this provides only some very basic trending information, a full version of the vROps product is still required.

"vRealize Operations (vROps) within vCenter" is included with vSAN Enterprise and vSAN Advanced.

The full version of vRealize Operations (vROps) is licensed as a separate product from VMware vSAN.

In June 2019 an early access edition (=technical preview) of VxRail Analytical Consulting Engine (ACE) was released to the public for test and evaluation purposes. VxRail ACE is a cloud service that runs in a Dell EMC secure data lake and provides infrastructure machine learning for insights that can be viewed by end-user organizations on a Dell EMC managed web portal. On-premises VxRail clusters send advanced telemetry data to VxRail ACE by leveraging the existing SRS secyure transport mechanism in order to provide the cloud platform with raw data input. VxRail ACE is built on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

VxRail ACE provides:
- global vizualization across all VxRail clusters and vCenter appliances.
- simplified health scores at the cluster and node levels;
- advanced capacity and performance metrics charting so problem areas (CPU, memory, disk, networking) can be pinpointed up to the VM level;
- future capacity planning by analyzing the previous 180 days of storage use data, and projecting data usage for the next 90 days.

VxRail ACE supports VxRail 4.5.215 or later, as well as 4.7.0001 or later. Sending advanced telemetry data to VxRail ACE is optional and can be turned off. The default collection frequency is once every hour.

VxRail ACE is designed for extensibility so that future visibility between VxRail ACE and vRealize Operations Manager is possible.

Because VxRail ACE is not Generally Available (GA) at this time, it is not yet considered in the WhatMatrix evaluation/scoring mechanism.