Product : Dell EMC, VxRail [HCI]/7.0.100, x86
Feature : Container Integration Type, Containers, Workload Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Built-in (Hypervisor-based, vSAN supported)
VMware vSphere Docker Volume Service (vDVS) technology enables running stateful containers backed by storage technology of choice in a vSphere environment.

vDVS comprises of Docker plugin and vSphere Installation Bundle which bridges the Docker and vSphere ecosystems.

vDVS abstracts underlying enterprise class storage and makes it available as docker volumes to a cluster of hosts running in a vSphere environment. vDVS can be used with enterprise class storage technologies such as vSAN, VMFS, NFS and VVol.

vSAN 6.7 U3 introduces support for VMware Cloud Native Storage (CNS). When Cloud Native Storage is used, persistent storage for containerized stateful applications can be created that are capable of surviving restarts and outages. Stateful containers orchestrated by Kubernetes can leverage storage exposed by vSphere (vSAN, VMFS, NFS) while using standard Kubernetes volume, persistent volume, and dynamic provisioning primitives.