Product : HPE, SimpliVity [HCI]/4.0.1 U1, 2600
Feature : Overview, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Name: HPE SimpliVity 2600
Type: Hardware+Software (HCI)
Development Start: 2009
First Product Release: 2018
SimpliVity was founded late 2009 and began to ship its first Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution, OmniStack (OmniStack), in 2013. The core of the SimpliVity solution is the OmniStack OS combined with OmniStack Accellerator PCIe card. In January 2017 SimpliVity was acquired by HPE. In the second quarter of 2017 HPE introduced SimpliVity on HPE ProLiant server hardware and the platform was rebranded to HPE SimpliVity 380. In July 2018 HPE extended the HPE SimpliVity product family with HPE SimpliVity 2600 featuring software-only deduplication and compression.

In January 2018 HPE SimpliVity had a customer install base of approximately 2,000 customers worldwide. The number of employees working in the HPE SimpliVity division is unknown at this time.