Product : HPE, SimpliVity [HCI]/4.0.1 U1, 2600
Feature : GUI Functionality, Interfaces, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
OmniStack management, capacity monitoring, performance monitoring and efficiency reporting is performed through the vSphere Web Client interface.

The HPE SimpliVity HTML5 Plug-in for vSphere Client supports all of the HPE SimpliVity features.

HPE Simplvity OmniStack 4.0.0 introduces a roles based access control (RBAC) structure that allows defining users that can perform crash consistent backups, search for, and restore the crash consistent backups when using the HPE OmniStack REST API or the HPE SimpliVity Plug-in.

HPE SimpliVity OmniStack 4.0.0 also introduces a new, centralized federation management type. This optional management type supports high-scale configurations. The centrally managed federation includes a virtual machine called the Management Virtual Appliance. The Management Virtual Appliance is a dedicated virtual machine that provides centralized management and coordination of operations across
clusters of HPE SimpliVity hosts for high-scale configurations. In a centrally managed federation, up to 96 HPE SimpliVity hosts can be deployed in a single vCenter Server.