Product : HPE, VSA [SDS]/12.7, x86
Feature : Node Failure Protection, Reads/Writes, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Software RAID (10, 5 or 6)
+ opt. Hardware RAID (1+0, 5 or 6)
StoreVirtual VSA uses Network RAID (RAID 10 = striped mirroring; RAID 5,6 = parity) to protect volumes across multiple hosts in a storage cluster. Using Network RAID 10+X, up to four copies of a volume (1-3 Replicas) can be created within a storage cluster.

For most production environments, HPE recommends using Network RAID 10, which stores two copies of the data on the cluster. With this setting, the volumes remain online if you lose any single node in the cluster. From a capacity standpoint, you would need to take your capacity estimate based on your assessment of the applications and workloads above and multiply it by the number of copies you want. For Network RAID 10, this is a factor of two, because you store two copies of the data on this volume.