Product : HPE, VSA [SDS]/12.7, x86
Feature : Maturity, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Release Dates:
EOSL: dec 2022
EOLA: mar 2019
SVOS 12.7: jul 2017
SVOS 12.6: may 2016
SVOS 12.5: sep 2015
SVOS 12.0: may 2015
SVOS 11.5: jul 2014
SVOS 11.0: oct 2013
SVOS 10.5: jul 2013
SVOS 10.0: nov 2012
SVOS 9.5: sep 2012
4th Generation software. StoreVirtual VSAs feature set is getting richer, but the platform still lacks some advanced functionality that competing SDS/HCI offerings provide. StoreVirtual OS (SVOS) is based on LeftHand OS.

StoreVirtual VSA was announced End-of-Life (EOL) in March 2019. StoreVirtual will reach End-of-Support-Life (EOSL) on December 31st 2022. Until end of June 2019 only minor product updates have been released. July 2019 and onwards only critical security and data integrity issues will be considered for resolution until the EOSL date.

EOLA = End-of-Life Announcement