Product : HPE, VSA [SDS]/12.7, x86
Feature : Scale-out, Scaling, Server Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Compute-only (iSCSI)
Storage+Compute: Existing StoreVirtual VSA clusters can be expanded by adding additional VSA nodes, which adds additional compute and storage resources to the shared pool.

Compute-only: Because StoreVirtual VSA leverages a common block protocol (iSCSI), storage can be presented to hypervisor hosts not participating in the StoreVirtual VSA storage cluster, as long as these hosts are connected to the storage iSCSI network. This is also beneficial to migrations, since it allows for online storage vMotions between VSA and non-VSA storage platforms.

Storage-only: N/A; A StorageVirtual VSA node always takes active part in the hypervisor (compute) cluster as well as the storage cluster.