Product : Microsoft, S2D [SDS]/2019, Datacenter
Feature : Deployment Method, Deploy, Design & Deploy
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
BYOS (some automation)
Because of the tight integration with the Microsoft Server platform, Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is very easy to install and configure. It is also possible to streamline the software deployment of an entire S2D cluster by automating all the steps using PowerShell cmdlets.

With WSSD Certified Ready-Node solutions from well-known server hardware vendors you get a pre-defined configuration for the entire solution. However, this setup is not always optimal, especially with regard to the network parts.

WSSD solutions for S2D in Windows Server 2019 are currently slated for release in January 2019.

BYOS = Bring-Your-Own-Server-Hardware
WSSD = Windows Server Software-defined