Product : Microsoft, S2D [SDS]/2019, Datacenter
Feature : Container Platform Compatibility, Containers, Workload Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Windows (Native)
Linux (Docker in Linux VM or Windows Server 2016 VM)
Windows Server 2019 offers native support for Windows Server 2016/2019 containers at this time.

Currently Docker EE does not yet officially support Windows Server 2019 (Build 1809). For updates please check
Leveraging Docker inside a Linux VM or Windows Server 2016 VM is supported (nested virtualization).

Docker containers running on Windows Server 2019 are based on Windows Server Core or Nano Server. The base images are now hosted on Microsofts container registry, MCR.

Windows Server 2019 introduces support for running both Windows and Linux containers on the same container host, using the same Docker daemon. This enables end-user organizations to have a heterogenous container host environment while providing flexibility to application developers.

Docker EE = Docker Enterprise Edition
Native = Windows Containers