Product : NetApp, NetApp HCI [HCI]/1.4, x86
Feature : Hypervisor Compatibility, Virtualization, Workload Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0GA-6.7U1
(Microsoft Hyper-V)
(Red Hat KVM)
The NetApp HCI Deployment Engine currently supports a single hypervisor (VMware vSphere), whereas other platforms support multiple hypervisors.

NetApp HCI v1.4 supports VMware vSphere 6.0GA-U3, 6.5U1//U2 and 6.7U1. The current supported vCenter versions are 6.0U3a and 6.5U2.

Microsoft Hyper-V or Red Hat KVM hypervisors can be manually installed on the NetApp HCI compute nodes. However, support for such a particular combination can only be obtained via the NetApp Feature Product Variance Request (FPVR) process.