Product : NetApp, NetApp HCI [HCI]/1.7, x86
Feature : Bare Metal Compatibility, Bare Metal, Workload Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
RHEL 6.3-7.5 (KVM)
Oracle EL 6-6U2
CentOS 6.0-7.3 (KVM)
Ubuntu 12.04-16.04
Debian 8
SLES 11SP4, 12SP2
Windows Server 2008R2-2016
VMware vSphere 5.5-6.7
Citrix XenServer 6.5-7.0
NetApp HCI volumes can be allocated to external hosts that support the iSCSI protocol, such as external (=non-NetApp HCI) VMware clusters, Hyper-V hosts, OpenStack hosts, Bare Metal Windows hosts and Bare Metal Linux hosts.