Product : NetApp, NetApp HCI [HCI]/1.8 P1, x86
Feature : SW Upgrade Execution, Maintenance, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Rolling Upgrade (1-by-1)
NetApp HCI clustered architecture allows nondisruptive storage software upgrades (Element OS) on a rolling node-by-node basis. Upgrades can be performed during production hours with little to no workload impact.

Element OS 12.2 introduces maintenance mode, which enables taking a storage node offline for
maintenance such as software upgrades or host repairs, while preventing a full sync of all data. If one or more nodes need maintenance, I/O impact can be minimized to the rest of the storage cluster by enabling maintenance mode for those nodes before beginning.

Software upgrades on compute nodes are orchestrated by VMware Update Manager (VUM). This procedure covers driver upgrades.