Product : NetApp, NetApp HCI [HCI]/1.8 P1, x86
Feature : Integration, Programmability, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Orchestration (vRO plug-in)
Ansible playbooks
Element OS provides a driver for the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) service. Features include:
- Volume create/delete
- Volume attach/detach
- Extend volume
- Snapshot create/delete
- List snapshots
- Create volume from snapshot

NetApp HCI currently supports Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13-16.

NetApp HCI also provides a plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestration (vRO). The plug-in models the storage API methods as vRO workflows so scheduling and automating NetApp HCI storage administration tasks becomes easy.

There are also Ansible playbooks for Element OS and VMware vSphere.