Product : Nutanix, ECP [HCI]/5.10, Starter
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per Core + Flash TiB (AOS)
Per Node (Prism Pro, AOS Pro add-ons)
Per VM (Calm)
In September 2018 Nutanix switched from a "per node" licensing model to a "per core + per Flash TB" licensing model for AOS. This means software license cost is tightly coupled with the number of physical cores (compute), as well as the amount of flash TBs (storage) in the Nutanix nodes acquired. Software licensing is sold in 1 to 5 year terms.

AOS Editions: Starter, Pro, Ultimate
Prism Central Editions: Starter, Pro

AOS Editions:
Starter limits functionality, for example: No IBM Power, Cluster size restricted to 12, Replication Factor restricted to 2; lacks post-process deduplication, post-process compression, availability domains, VSS Integration, Intelligent VM Placement, Virtual Network Configuration, Host Profiles.

Ultimate exlusively offers VM Flash Mode, Data-at-Rest Encryption, Multiple Site DR (1-to many, many-to 1) and Metro Availability features. End-user Self-service functionality as well as Acropolis File Services are included and have to be purchased separately for Pro and Starter.

Prism Central Editions:
Prism Starter is included with every edition of Acropolis for single and multiple site management. Prism Pro is available as an add-on subscription. Pro adds Operational Insights (Search, Customizable Dashboard) and Planning (Capacity behaviour analytics, Expansion recommendation, Efficiency evaluation, What-if analysis for allocation-based forecasting).

Nutanix Calm is licensed separately and is sold as an annual subscription on a per virtual-machine (VM) basis. Calm licenses are required only for VMs managed by Calm, running in either the Nutanix Enterprise cloud or public clouds. Nutanix Calm is sold in 25 VM subscription license packs. Both Prism Starter and Prism Pro include perpetual entitlement for the first 25 VMs managed by Calm.

Nutanix Microsegmentation is licensed seperately and is sold as an annual subscription on a per node basis. Licenses are needed for all nodes in a cluster where microsegmentation functionality will be used. This option requires a Nutanix cluster managed by Prism Central and using the AHV virtualization solution. Licenses are sold in 1 to 5 year subscription terms. Prism Central with Starter license is required to manage microsegmentation policies.