Product : Nutanix, ECP [HCI]/5.19, Ultimate
Feature : Fileserver Analytics, File Services, Data Services
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
The GA release of Nutanix File Analytics (2.0) was introduced in August 2019 and is supported in conjunction with Nutanix Files 3.5.2 and above.

Nutanix File Analytics 2.0 includes the following capabilities:
- Data on Data: capacity trends, data age, file distribution and activity data; the time can be changed when viewing the data in the dasboard.
- Audit Trails: search option for auditing a specific user, file, or directory; activity data can be compiled into dynamic graphs or can be exported; data can also be filtered by operation type and date range.
- Anomaly Detection: creation of custom anomaly policies and anomaly alerts, monitoring anomaly trends for top users/folders and operation type.