Product : Nutanix, ECP [HCI]/5.19, Ultimate
Feature : Call-Home Function, Support, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Nutanix call-home function is called "Pulse" and is fully integrated into the platform. Enabling the feature is simple and straightforward and requires very few clicks.

Pulse provides diagnostic system data to Nutanix support teams in order to deliver proactive, context-aware support for Nutanix solutions. The information is collected unobtrusively and automatically from a Nutanix cluster, with no impact to system performance. Nutanix support teams get the data required for quick and timely resolution of issues - often before administrators even know there is a problem. Examples include failed disks, faulty network interface cards (NICs) and unusually high utilization of cluster resources that could lead to potential problems.

Nutanix AOS 5.6.1 introduces support for Prism Central 5.6.1 to be used as a proxy for routing support information to Nutanix support.

Pulse is a basic support service and is included with every software edition and support contract.