Product : Nutanix, ECP [HCI]/5.19, Ultimate
Feature : Models, Server/Node, Server Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
5 Native Models (SX-1000, NX-1000, NX-3000, NX-5000, NX-8000)
15 Native Model sub-types
Different models are available for different workloads.

Nutanix Native G6 and G7 Models (Super Micro):
SX-1000 (SMB, max 4 nodes per block and max 2 blocks)
NX-1000 (ROBO)
NX-3000 (Mainstream; VDI GPU)
NX-5000 (Storage Heavy; Storage Only)
NX-8000 (High Performance)

Dell EMC XC Core OEM Models (hardware support provided through Dell EMC; software support provided through Nutanix):
XC640-4 (ROBO 3-node cluster)
XC640-4i (ROBO 1-node cluster)
XC640-10 (Compute Heavy, VDI)
XC740xd-12 (Storage Heavy)
XC740xd-12C (Storage Heavy - up to 80TB of cold tier expansion)
XC740xd-12R (Storage Heavy - up to 80TB single-node replication target)
XC740xd-24 (Performance Intensive)
XC740xd2 (Storage Heavy - up to 240TB for fule and object workloads)
XC940-24 (Memory and Performance Intensive)
XC6420 (High-Density)
XCXR2 (Remote, harsh environments)

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX OEM Models (VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV supported):
HX 1000 Series (ROBO)
HX 2000 Series (SMB)
HX 3000 Series (Compute Heavy, VDI)
HX 5000 Series (Storage Heavy)
HX 7000 Series (Performance Intensive)

Fujitsu XF OEM Models (VMware ESXi and Nutanix AHV supported):
XF1070 4LFF (ROBO)
XF3070 10SFF (General Virtualized Workloads)
XF8050 24SFF (Compute Heavy Workloads)
XF8055 12LFF ((Stprage Heavy Workloads)

HPE ProLiant DX OEM Models:

IBM POWER OEM Models (AHV-only):
IBM CS821 (Middleware, DevOps, Web Services)
IBM CS822 (Storage Heavy Analytics, Open Source Databases)

Cisco UCS C-Series Models:
C220-M5SX (VDI, Middleware, Web Services)
C240-M5L (Storage Heavy, Server Virtualization)
C240-M5SX (Exchange, SQL, Large Databases)
C220-M4S (VDI, Middleware, Web Services)
C240-M4L (Storage Heavy, Server Virtualization)
C240-M4SX (Exchange, SQL, Large Databases)

Cisco UCS B-Series Models:
B200-M4 in 5108 Blade Chassis within 6248UP/6296UP/6332 Fabrics

HPE Proliant Models (ESXi, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV supported):
DL360 Gen10 8SFF (VDI, Middleware, Web Services)
DL380 Gen10 2SFF + 12LFF (Storage Heavy, Server Virtualization)
DL380 Gen10 26SFF (High Performance, Exchange, SQL, Large Databases)

HPE Apollo Models (ESXi, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV supported):
XL170r Gen 10 6SFF (VDI, Middleware, Web Services, Storage Heavy, Server Virtualization, High Performance, Exchange, SQL, Large Databases)

All models support hybrid and all-flash disk configurations.

All models can be deployed as storage-only nodes. These nodes run AHV and thus do not require additional hypervisor licenses.

Citrix XenServer is not supported on the NX-6035C-G5 (storage-only or light-compute) model.

LFF = Large Form Factor (3.5")
SFF = Small Form Factor (2.5")