Product : Pivot3, Acuity [HCI]/10.6.1, Datacenter
Feature : Remote Replication Scope, Disaster Recovery, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
To remote sites
To AWS Cloud
Pivot3 Acuity provides Data Protection QoS Policies for easily configuring enhanced remote replication. Remote replication can be leveraged for off-site backup needs and disaster recovery requirements.

Currently AWS can only serve as a data repository. This means that VMs cannot be restored and run in the AWS environment in case of a disaster recovery scenario.

Pivot3 Cloud Edition is an Amazon EC2 instance that uses Amazon S3 storage for storing incoming data from on-premises Pivot3 Acuity deployments. It can serve as an off-site repository for short-term and long-term backups, as well as hosting a DR copy. Pivot3 Cloud Edition is deployed as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) so there is no manual installation involved.