Product : Pivot3, Acuity [HCI]/10.6.1, Datacenter
Feature : Data Corruption Detection, Reads/Writes, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Metadata verification (software)
Predictive drive analysis (software)
Disk scrubbing (software)
The Pivot3 Acuity platform utilizes the following mechanisms to prevent data corruption:
- Metadata verification via checksums. Metadata is replicated across nodes. Metadata is also replicated within the node.
- Metadata validation on load. Self-check and version control.
- Predictive drive failure analysis.
- Background disk scrub with error recovery from EC.
- Write-error will fail drive.

Pivot3 Acuity has a built-in predictive drive analysis function to monitor a number of aspects around drive performance within the virtual Performance Group (vPG). By proactively monitoring disk health for CRC errors, drive seek times, IO response times and a host of Smart Drive Functions, it is possible to predict, and therefore proactively, fail a drive within the vPG.