Product : Scale Computing, HC3 [HCI]/8.6.5, x86
Feature : Remote Replication Scope, Disaster Recovery, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
To remote sites
To Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Network latency between the source and HC3 target clusters should be below 2,000ms (2 seconds).

Scale Computing HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS: This disaster recovery as a service offering provides an HC3 DR target running securely in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Workloads can be replicated to the Google cloud for failover or recovery on a per VM basis. HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS uses L2 networking to provide seamless connectivity between on-prem and remote hosted VMs in the event of failover. HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS includes ScaleCare support at every stage to assist in setup, testing, failover, and recovery. The service also comes with a runbook to assist with both planning and execution. When needed, all protected VMs can be failed over and running in the cloud and then failed back once the on-prem resources are restored. The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 4 hours for recovery of the first VM on GCP.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS requires a monthly subscription that is in part based on GCP resource usage (compute, storage, network).