Product : Scale Computing, HC3 [HCI]/8.6.5, x86
Feature : Backup Type, Points-in-Time, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Built-in (native)
By combining Scale Computing HC3s native snapshot feature with its native remote replication mechanism, backup copies can be created on remote HC3 clusters.

A snapshot is not a backup:
1. For a data copy to be considered a backup, it must at the very least reside on a different physical platform (=controller+disks) to avoid dependencies. If the source fails or gets corrupted, a backup copy should still be accessible for recovery purposes.
2. To avoid further dependencies, a backup copy should reside in a different physical datacenter - away from the source. If the primary datacenter becomes unavailable for whatever reason, a backup copy should still be accessible for recovery purposes.

When considering the above prerequisites, a backup copy can be created by combining snapshot functionality with remote replication functionality to create independent point-in-time data copies on other SDS/HCI clusters or within the public cloud. In ideal situations, the retention policies can be set independently for local and remote point-in-time data copies, so an organization can differentiate between how long the separate backup copies need to be retained.

Apart from the native features, Scale Computing HC3 supports any in-guest 3rd party backup agents that are designed to run on Intel-based virtual machines on our supported OS platforms.