Product : Scale Computing, HC3 [HCI]/8.6.5, x86
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per Node (all-inclusive)
There is no separate software licensing. Each node comes equiped with an all-inclusive feature set. This means that without exception all Scale Computing HC3 software capabilities are available for use.

In june 2018 Scale Computing introduced an Managed Service Providers (MSP) Program that offers these organizations a price-per node, per-month, OpEx subscription license.

HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS requires a monthly subscription that is in part based on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resource usage (compute, storage, network). The HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS subscription includes:
- 6 days of Active Mode testing
- Runbook outlining DR procedures
- 1 Runbook failover test and 1 separate Declaration
- Network egress equal to 12.5% of Storage
- ScaleCare Support

In addition end-users and first-time service providers can purchase a DR Planning Service (one-time fee) for onboarding.