Product : Scale Computing, HC3 [HCI]/8.6.5, x86
Feature : Self Service, Programmability, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
The Scale Computing HC3 GUI offers delegated administration to secondary users through Role-based Access Control (RBAC). The user access level can be changed to “Admin” with full administrator access or customized with a variety of role options that fall in between Read-only and Admin.

The following optional functional roles that represent groupings of funtional tasks, can be assigned:
- Backup - Clone, Export, Import, Add/Pause Replication to a VM, Create/Delete snapshots, and Create/Delete/Modify snapshot schedules.
- Cluster Settings - Create/Modify all settings within Control Center, except for User Management and Control (system/cluster shutdown).
- Cluster Shutdown - Shutdown the system/cluster and any running VMs.
- VM Create/Edit - Import VMs and Create, Modify, Clone, and Add/Modify VM block (virtual disk) and network devices.
- VM Delete - Delete VMs and their associated snapshots and devices.
- VM Power Controls - Start, Shutdown/Power Off, and Live Migrate VMs.

A user can be assigned any number of these optional roles.