Product : Scale Computing, HC3 [HCI]/8.6.5, x86
Feature : Storage Config, Components, Server Support
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Capacity: up to 5 options (HDD, SSD)
Fixed: Number of disks
Scale Computing HE100-series storage options:
HE150: 1x 250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB M.2 NVMe

Scale Computing HE500-series storage options:
HE500: 4x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [magnetic-only]
HE550: 1x 480GB/960GB SSD + 3x 1/2/4TB NL-SAS [hybrid]
HE550F: 4x 240GB/480GB/960GB SSD [all-flash]
HE500T: 4x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS + 8x 4/8TB NL-SAS [magnetic-only]
HE550TF: 4x 240GB/480GB/960GB SSD [all-flash]

Scale Computing HC1200-series storage options:
HC1200: 4x 1/2/4/8/12TB NL-SAS [magnetic-only]
HC1250: 1x 480GB/960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD + 3x 1/2/4/8/12TB NL-SAS [hybrid]
HC1250D: 1x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD + 3x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [hybrid]
HC1250DF: 4x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD [all-flash]

Scale Computing HC5000-series storage options:
HC5200: 12x 8/12TB NL-SAS [magnetic-only]
HC5250D: 3x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD + 9x 4/8TB NL-SAS [hybrid]

Lenovo HC3 Edge series storage options:
ST250: 8x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [magnetic only]
ST250: 4x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB SSD [all-flash]
SR250: 4x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [magnetic only]
SR250: 1x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB SSD + 3x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [hybrid]
SR250: 4x 960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB SSD [all-flash]
SR630: 4x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [magnetic only]
SR630: 1x 480GB/960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD + 3x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [hybrid]
SR630: 4x 1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD [all-flash]
SR650: 3x 480GB/960GB/1.92TB/3.84TB/7.68TB SSD + 9x 1/2/4/8TB NL-SAS [hybrid]

The SSDs in all mentioned nodes are normal SSDs (non-NMVe).

SATA = NL-SAS = 7.2k RPM = High-capacity low-speed drives