Product : StarWind, HCA [HCI]/13279, x86
Feature : GUI Perf. Monitoring, Interfaces, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
There are two options for monitoring in StarWind HCA. The StarWind Management Console can be used to view basic storage performance characteristics. New is StarWind Command Center that provides advanced monitoring functionality. StarWind Command Center monitoring and management tool is currently included with all StarWind HCAs on Hyper-V.

StarWind Management Console provides:
- counters on a per-host level: CPU/RAM load, CPU load, RAM load, Total IOPS, Total Bandwidth
- counters on a per-device level: Read Bandwidth, Write Bandwidth, Total Bandwidth, Total IOPS
- selectable are Server with all targets (StarWind devices) or each separate StarWind device
- retention time of performance information is last 24 hours
- refresh rate of performance metrics is every 30 seconds

StarWind Command Center provides:
- counters on a per VM-level: CPU, RAM, Storage usage, IOPS, IO latency
- counters on a per Storage-level: total usage, synchronization state, IOPS, disk throughput, average Queue Depth, Read/Write ratio, Peak disk throughput, Average IO size, Average IO, Latency
- counters on a per-node level: CPU, RAM, Storage usage, VMs distribution among nodes, IOPS, Disk Throughput, Disk IO Latency
- retention time of performance information is maximum of one year
- refresh rate of performance metrics is every 3 minutes
- VM-ranking options based on CPU/RAM usage, IOPS or IO latency
- monitoring of cluster-wide performance