Product : StorPool, StorPool [SDS]/19.01, x86
Feature : Data Corruption Detection, Reads/Writes, Data Availability
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Read integrity checks (end-to-end checksums)
Disk scrubbing
StorPool has incorporated a checksum based end-to-end data integrity feature. StorPool Distributed Storage (StorPool) protects data and guarantees data integrity by leveraging a 64-bit checksum and a version number for each sector maintained by StorPool. The mechanism is more extensive than those used by (many) other platforms. It checksums data in the initiator, i.e. it protects against errors in both hardware and the full software stack, not just the storage system itself. The checksum based end-to-end data integrity feature has been designed not to impact storage performance.

If a corrupted copy of data is detected, the copy is invalidated and restored by an undamaged copy of the data.

Data at rest is regularly checked (scrubbed) for errors and recovered in case any corruption is detected.